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Cpl. Stephen E. Austin 

Cpl. Stephen E. Austin
"Charlie" Co., 3rd plt., 1st Bn 27th Marines

Stephen was KIA 6/8/68 on [Operation Allen Brook] at [Go Noi Island] in the Quang Nam Province, RVN
      Semper Fi
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 "Corporal Austin, disregarding his own safety, then stepped into the open from the house and advanced to the bunker in full view and under full fire of the enemy in an attempt to get close enough to throw a grenade into the bunker. He was wounded repeatedly by enemy fire but continued to advance on the bunker, as he was falling to the ground, he was able to throw his grenade up to the bunker slit to silence the enemy and assure a safe withdrawal of his squad and his platoon. A combination of rifle fire and the explosion of his own grenade resulted in Stephens death." [display case]  [Roll of Honor]
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Semper Fidelis

1/27 Marines Vietnam 1968   


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