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I have uploaded some videos with footage of the 27th Marines. The 27th Marines were featured in a section of the "History of Marines in 1968" video. It shows them in Vietnam and their return to San Diego.
There is also 4 sections of video provided by Grady Birdsong of the 1st Battalion 27th Marines in Vietnam. One video is about the Porterville Vietnam Memorial. Cpl. Stephen E. Austin, 1st Bat. 27th Marines, "Charlie" Co., is honored on this Memorial, there is an interview with his Mother and features His last letter Home.

The 1/27 Marines site & Reunion info
 2018 50th Anniversary Reunion at Washington D.C.

 "Delta" 1/27 Marines Website

These videos are at Youtube, which has better quality, under the name allenocsnet:

Marines in Vietnam 1968 1/5
Marines in Vietnam 1968 2/5   President Johnson addresses 27th Marines at El Toro
Marines in Vietnam 1968 3/5
Marines in Vietnam 1968 4/5   27th Marines return home.
Marines in Vietnam 1968 5/5

1st Battalion 27th Marines in Vietnam 1/4  Provided by Grady Birdsong H&S Co.
1st Battalion 27th Marines in Vietnam 2/4
1st Battalion 27th Marines in Vietnam 3/4
1st Battalion 27th Marines in Vietnam 4/4

  Pictures from "Young Blood"  written by Gary Jarvis,, 1/27 Marines in Vietnam 1968
  1/27 Reunion Video 2008    Produced by Bruce Bley (windows media player)
 Video of 1/27 Marines in Hawaii   from Jim Cox
 Pictures of the 1/27 Marines from Hawaii to Vietnam and back to San Diego.

  Marines landing at DaNang   Does this look familiar?

  Porterville Vietnam Memorial    Steve's Mother is interviewed, features his last letter.

  Pictures of Cpl. Stephen E. Austin  KIA June 8 1968 1/27 Marines in Vietnam

  Marines fighting at Hue 1968
  Another view of the fighting at Hue 1968
  US Marines in Vietnam 1968

  3/27 Marines in Vietnam 1968   Captain R.R. Anderson
  3/27 Marines Website:  some interesting maps Bob created


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