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USS Vancouver and Kbay





  Prior to 10 February 1968, 1st Battalion (Rein), 27th Marines was located at Marine Corps Air Station, Kaneohe, Oahu Hawaii. On 10 February 1968, approximately half of the command, then organized as a Battalion Landing Team, departed Hawaii aboard the USS VANCOUVER to be followed by the remaining on 12 February 1968 aboard the USS BEXAR and USS WASHBURN in route to Okinawa. The Battalion was scheduled for a four month deployment which was to have involved two periods of training on Okinawa and participation in Operation Former Champ in Taiwan and Operation Tamaraw in the Philippines. References (d) and (e) cancelled participation in the combined exercises and diverted the BLT to Vietnam for duty. The first element aboard the USS VANCOUVER arrive at Danang on 23 February 1968 consisting of H&S Company (-), C, and Company D. The remaining elements arrived at Danang at intervals. The USS BEXAR arrived at Danang on 27 February 1968 consisting of H&S Company (-) , Company A, and Company B. The USS WASHBURN arrived 28 February 1968 with H&S Company (-), embarked. Upon arrival the BLT was deactivated in accordance with references (f) and (g) and attachments reverted to command of like type units in country.

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