Vietnam Remembered
Reunion 2008
    Reunion Video: 1/27 Marines in Vietnam 1968 produced by Bruce Bley   Windows Media player required

Former members of 1/27 Marines in attendance:
ALPHA CO.  Felix Salmeron, Roger Charles, Roy Anderson, Bob (Doc) Taugner, Jim Panther, Bill Black
BRAVO CO.  Ed Shore, Ray Zuleger, Javier Cascos, Mike Weymouth, Bill Sweeney, James Sheely
CHARLIE CO.  Rick Fink, Rick Weeks, Lloyd Fernung, Dennis Lister, Simon Waiau, Ray Fabulia, Butch Jarvis, Bruce Bley, Marty Garcia, Crane Davis, Donald (Doc) Whistler, John Kispert, Marty Farmer,  Richard Coonfield, Ed Tardy, Dan Ruiz, John Balais, Rodney Edrozo, Don Gustafson
DELTA CO.   Dennis Malvasi, Tom Daughtrey, John O'Brien, Jim Buccola, Tracy Robeson, Patrick Rider, Richard Williams
H&S CO.  John Hill, Victor DeCurtis, Richard Thrush, Joe Roysdon, Victor Smith, Tom Page, Lonnie Lorance, Dennis Healy, Dane Brown, Grady Birdsong, Andy Boyko, Franklyn Eller, Richard Hunt,
Dennis Kostinko, Mike Hanson, Doug Setley, Al Glaettli

 There were a total of 126 people in attendance (1/27 members, family and friends).
This photo is available  to copy. Right click on the photo and select copy

                  Photo By: Victor Smith, 1st Battalion 27th Marines, H&S Co.

From Allen Austin:  As most of you know I am the youngest brother of Cpl. Stephen E. Austin (KIA 6//8/1968)and he is the impetus of this site.  A glorious feeling came over me when I looked at this photo and words are hard to find. You not only fought in Vietnam but also when you came home for your sanity. This year you fought again for the Reunion. When I look at you I see my brother. This photo is a testament to all Marines.

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