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Bachelor’s Degree In Psychology – Career Options

Bachelor’s Degree In Psychology – Career Options

It is necessary to have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology if you are interested for a career in psychology. However, according to a recent study, only 25% Psychology undergrads end up working in the relevant field. If you plan your future carefully by having knowledge on different career options in psychology field, you will definitely find a career that best suits your education, personality and skills.

Steps After Graduation

Finding the first job soon after completing a college degree is not so easy. However, there are a few essential steps that you need to know to make sure that you get your career started on the right path.

One of the most beneficial and crucial steps is to utilize the job resources available through your college or university. Most of the universities and colleges host job fairs designed to link the recent graduates with the employers, and some universities even manage a designated career resources center that help alumni and students to look for a relevant job.

Essential Skills

As a psychology graduate, you need to possess certain skills to acquire a good job. The skill set includes:

Creative thinking ability

Knowledge on organizational and group behavior

Group discussion or group communication

One-to-one communication

Effective written communication

Understanding human behavior – individual

Critical thinking

Career Options For Psychology Degree Graduates

Following are some of the employment options for those who have done bachelors in psychology:

Sales Representative: Psychology graduate programs help students acquire a wide variety of interpersonal skills that can be used in different marketing and sales positions. Employers in this field look for the people with skills such as ability to communicate effectively with their clients. In order to take marketing as your career, you may need to take classes that can help you enhance your ability to understand human behavior. Courses in personality, communication and social psychology are helpful to become a successful sales representative.

Advertising Agent: The science and art of persuasion is one of the major topics in psychology, and hence advertising is considered an ideal career option for psychology graduates. Jobs in this field usually involve researching the target audience for a message or product. As an advertising agent, you need to develop an advertising material depending on your research.

If you are willing to develop your career in advertising industry, you should look for the potential ways to gain practical experience. Internships are the right way to get relevant experience – find a good professional mentor, and also build network in the field to gain practical experience.

Psychiatric Technician: While most of the psychology graduates find jobs that are irrelevant to their field, some of them, however, choose working directly within the field of human services and mental health. Some of the potential job titles in the field include – social work assistants, mental health technicians, and psychiatric technicians.

In this case, you will mostly work directly under the guidance and supervision of a licensed social worker or a clinical psychologist. Your duties involve – helping patients with their daily basic needs, conducting applied therapy sessions, teaching life skills, and executing relevant case management tasks.

Career Counselor: Working as a career counselor is a fulfilling career option, especially if you enjoy helping others discover their career potential. Your duties involve – helping people select a career, assisting in changing careers, offering vocational rehabilitation to those who are returning to the workforce. You can also choose to work with disabled people who need assistance to search jobs, imparting training skills, regular workplace supervision, on-the-job training, and more.

Parole or Probation Officer: Considering career as a parole or probation officer is very interesting for those who like to work in the criminal justice field. A parole or probation officer, who is typically hired by State or local Government, works directly with individuals who have been convicted of criminal offenses. Your duties may involve – supervising offenders at work, school, and home settings in tracking their behavior, making necessary recommendations to the court, and coordinating with drug treatment professionals and therapists.

Writer: Becoming a psychology graduate obviously requires you to have good writing skills. After graduation, you can put these writing skills to begin your career in writing field. Some of the potential job openings in the field include advertising copywriters, newspaper reporters, technical writers, and more.

Market Researcher: When working in the market research field, you usually have to perform various tasks such as collecting data, interpreting results, performing polls, conducting interviews, and so on. As a psychology graduate, you are usually prepared to work in this field by getting trained in scientific and statistic methodologies.

Child Care Worker: This is a good career choice if you are willing to work in a field directly related to psychology. You can consider working as a partial child care worker in a mental health sitting. As a child care worker, you will help clients in outpatient settings – to cope with different mental health conditions. You can even start your own child care center or work in an after-school or a daycare program.

Laboratory Assistant: Working as a psychology laboratory assistant will help you put your psychology degree the right way, especially if you are interested in research and experimental psychology. Some of laboratory assistant job environments include government agencies, businesses that study human behavior, and university psychology programs.

Social Service Specialist: As a psychology graduate, you can also work in the social service sector for non-profit or government agencies. As a social service specialist, the job profile will range from helping people to locate psychology resources within their community, offer counseling services, and other case management services.

Teacher: If you are an individual with teaching certificate and a psychology degree, you can begin your career as a teacher. You can either choose to teach psychology at the school, or apply your psychology knowledge indirectly as a school teacher.

If you are a psychology graduate without any teaching certificate, you can enroll in an accredited teacher training program and earn teacher certificate. You can contact board of education of your State to know further about the course and requirements.

Final Thoughts

Though job opportunities and income potential are surely very limited with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology compared to other bachelor’s degrees, there are still many career options available for a psychology graduate. Depending on your skill set and interests, you can choose one among from the above discussed options to start a successful career.